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Alignment of the Brotherhood


Brotherhood Engagement

a.  Training for reclaimed brothers

b.  Fraternal training 

Clear communication of goals, objectives and measurables

a. Communicate what expectations/goals are for the fraternal year.

b. Set Annual reclamation goal of 20% for each chapter.

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Leadership Development

College Brother Development

a. Curriculum that can be implemented for custodial alumni chapters.

                i. Resume Building,

               ii. Mock Interviews, and

              iii. Dinner Etiquette.

b. Have each custodial alumni chapter to host sessions during the fraternity year.

c. Track how many college brothers are going through the training

               i. What percentage have acquired full time positions, internships and grad school opportunities.

              ii. Focus our efforts on the brothers that do not fall into those categories and see what type of support we can offer.

d. Provide college brothers Title IX, IMDP, and event checklist training

Ongoing Personal and Professional Development

a. Offering seminars to brothers that cover:

              i. Entrepreneurship

             ii. Investing/saving for the future (building generational wealth)

            iii. Mental health and etc.

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Leveraging Service


National Programs

a. Execute our National Programs to serve our communities

     i. Brothers Keepers

     ii. Go To Highschool Go To College

     iii. Project Alpha

     iv. Voteless People Hopeless People


 Knowledge Sharing

a. Share best practices for fundraising across the state

b. Share best practices on community service and national program execution