I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the growth of Brother Derrell Robinson while he has exuded keenness in his leadership roles throughout his years in the Fraternity. I am more than positive that not only is Brother Robinson qualified but that he possesses the necessary character and leadership to lead the Texas Council of Alpha Chapters. 


Harold Flenoy 

President Gamma Eta Lambda Chapter

To be a good brother means more than calling to them in a time of need, voting for Brother Robinson credentials voice that he is capable and worthy of this position. His character invokes not only speaks of himself as a leader devoted to this Fraternity and the brothers in but more importantly the growth of this Fraternity. A brother that you wouldn’t have to question his character in a time of need. A brother who provides his assistance at any given moment. Brother Robinson not only seeks to support us undergraduate brothers but prepares the chapters for greater leadership. If you want a change in this fraternity it begins with the youth of the fraternity. Brother Robinson enlightens the youth to the greater possibilities that many may never reach without his guidance. In those words The Epsilon Rho of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. are in full support of Brother Robinson campaign as District Director.


Aerod Wyre 

President Epsilon Rho

Lamar University

Bro. Derrell Robinson brings years of fraternal experience not as simply a financial member, but as a leader, organizer, team player, and true brother. He has lead the charge as Chapter President, and Area Director. He has worked diligently as a Dean of Intake, and Chapter Advisor to ensure retention and fraternal development of brothers in his area. Bro. Derrell Robinson is the right choice for the 18th TCAC District Director. 


Lawrence Daniel 

Immediate President Xi Eta Lambda Chapter

When I hear the phrase “..it takes a man to stand and cheer while the other fellow stars” I immediately think of Bro. Derrell Robinson and his efforts of not doing what needs to be done for the limelight, but because it needed be done. Under his “All-In” mentorship approach, he has cultivated my leadership and communication skills to be an effective chapter president, while providing me with tools to function in the corporate world. 


Michael Young, President

Theta Mu Chapter

Sam Houston State University

It brings me great honor to endorse Brother Derrell Robinson for our next 18th District Director of Texas Council of Alpha Chapters. As president of the Xi Eta Lambda Chapter, I worked alongside Bro. Robinson throughout the state of Texas and southwestern region to serve the community and operate our national programs. He has been a great mentor and one the brotherhood can look to for guidance on reclamation, financial transparency, and upholding the aims of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.


“He’s not heavy, he’s my brother.” He lives by those words and has been a brother’s keeper to so many. On November 19, 2011, I saw the light of Alpha and Bro. Derrell Robinson has guided and cultivated me with the skills to become a good leader in my chapter, region, and fraternity. 


Bro. Robinson has supported my efforts as the March of Dimes Chair and March for Babies coordinator; his generous efforts have increased awareness to our national fraternity’s partnership, and many families have benefited because of his contributions. Furthermore, he has worked in the trenches with my chapter to be an advocate for our youth with Project Alpha and Go to High School to college programs. 


Moreover, Bro. Robinson has the proven track record to mobilize our brothers to be an active force in our community, invest our youth, and strive to reclaim brothers and get them back vested in our organization. He has the knowledge, experience, integrity, and commitment to advance the Texas District to the next level.  


I’m all in, and it is without any reservation and with great honor that I endorse Brother Derrell Robinson for the 18th District Director of Texas Council of Alpha Chapters.





Andre Ward

Andre Ward, President

Xi Eta Lambda Chapter

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.